when I close my eyes

I feel this unbearable humming

it goes up my nostrils

and pierces right into my brain

the pain is unexpected yet peaceful

I can feel the vibrations of the bodies

it transfers onto the chairs

and they transfer it onto the

silence & numbness of the Earth.

but when you hold your legs up for a few seconds

the humming gets stronger & stronger

you vibrate

the chair starts to shift, jumping up and down

subtle, at first

then everyone notices it

everyone turns around

they see your chair jumping up and down

creating loud noises

of metal banging onto concrete

it gets louder & louder & louder


the people around you start screaming

they start screaming


because now you are the only one who understands them

they now see, some for the first time

what is inside them

everything else around you

is still silent

the people outside wandering down the street as if nothing is happening

but you hold onto the chair,

your fingers start bleeding because the wood

cuts into your palms

still BANGING.


you are trapped, you can see everyone watching you.

no one is helping you.

blood drips onto the concrete floor,

smeared up by the legs of the chair

and you don’t want help

your hands are now glued to the chair

you start gripping to it,

your own strength helping it to jump higher in the air

a few centimetres to the right

and a few to the left

your own space

of perpetual pain & peace

while everyone is watching you

but you cannot understand anymore---