“the beak’s made for plucking” 06.06.2023 @ KHM, Cologne, further performances at KHM and Gold&Beton at Ebertplatz, Cologne
(with Texte zur Kunst)

“screaming&screaming” (working title) @ Literaturhaus Köln /w Mia Hofner


Orangerie Theater (with ROAR Festival and posse), 2023

funk magazine (with posse), 2022

acephale cologne (rip) (with Aperó), 2022

Kulturraum405 (with Land In Sicht), 2022

KHM (with Auswärtslesungen), 2023

Freies Werkstatt Theater (with Ohne.Pronomen), 2023

Gemeinde Köln, 2024

Dyke*Night, Witten, 2024

listen to me baby, Gold&Beton, 2024

Trans*Poetica, 2024


blockers pt.1-3 (2022, posse mag, Cologne)

Trans* as Ritual
(2021, Creating in Crisis Anthology / Polari Press, London)

Genderqueer Perspectives in Sarah Kane’s Cleansed and 4.48 Psychosis
(2021, Gender Forum, University of Cologne)

In die Que(e)re Zine (2021, Cologne)

An Impulsive Act of Joy and Desire (2020, Chapterhouse Press)

metal on my tounge. (August 2019, self-published.)

Contradictions (May 2019, self-published.)

Northeast. (August 2018, self-published.)