Bachelor of Arts
Media Culture Studies
English Studies

@ University of Cologne & University College London

Master of Fine Arts
Literary Writing

@ Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Research Interests

Queer Utopias & Queering Spaces

Utopian Performance Studies

Trans Practices of Care

Community Organizing

 Desire in Communities of Care


                    “And I feel like I’m breaking. I feel like I want to cry. I feel like I want to step into a river and let the water wash right through my stomach and take it away. Whether it’s anxiety or whether it’s real, physical aspects of disease, I want, I want to be washed. Or I want to be like a sieve with water moving through it., taking away the particles, the things that are keeping me in this treading position. And even hearing the sound of my own voice talking about this stuff, it’s like it’s not – it’s not it. Whatever it is, is hiding. Or whatever it is, is buried beneath layers of something. Whatever it is, which is that I can at least put out rage, or I could break some windows, or I could turn the apartment upside down, or I could somehow move in time and space in a way that would make everything physically extremely light or transparent.” 

David Wojnarowicz The Tape Journals