existence feels slightly misplaced lately
as if you took it and placed it beside the kitchen sink
and not the shelf where it is used to
being moved around so much

because the wine glass
gets taken out of there
pretty regularly
and your favourite cup
is somehow always
in the corner
and the plates are never
in the right order

but for convenience
you took it out
and now it stands still

water drops splash on it
sometimes cold and sometimes warm
but even the warm drops turn cold
and leave soap stains
which I have trouble to get rid of
and the creaking of the pipes below
gives me trouble sleeping

I just wish you’d place it back on the shelf
where it’s comfortable
because of the warm steam that
conquers the cold air up there
and the dust never settles this far up

and it almost feels like home here
not despite being moved around so much
but for that reason